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How are YOUR Manners?


Manners aren't just about the table.  They go with you every minute.

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A "Not so stuffy" manners book for today's world.  Manners follow us every day, every where.

Our Mission Statement


To assist Individuals improve their social behaviors and professional image through mastering the art of dining etiquette and utilizing effective communication skills through the practice of "good manners."

About Us

Dr. Janet T. Cherry


​Dr. Janet Cherry enjoys a rewarding and fun career whose focus is helping people reach their potential through effective communication skills and the practice of “good manners.”  She has held management positions in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and after transitioning fro​​m the corporate world she served as adjunct faculty in the Department of Management,  The University of Memphis, in Memphis, Tennessee.   

​Dr. Cherry has owned three small businesses and is a published author.  Her speaking credits and workshop facilitation span the U.S. and include Europe, Asia, and Canada.  Dr. Cherry speaks on Listening, Social and Business Etiquette, and Conversations—a program she designed to develop self-esteem, social behaviors and communication skills for both adults and children.  She is the recipient of awards for corporate training excellence and has also authored the Daisy Series, a collection of stories to entertain and enhance listening skills.  

​Presently her energy is spent working toward establishing a network of partners to provide workplace manners within her community and beyond to supplement educational skills for on-the-job success.  

​Dr. Cherry holds a doctorate in Education Leadership: Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University.  She is also a certified etiquette consultant serving clients from the sandbox to the executive suite. Dr. Cherry lives in Memphis, Tennessee.  She is a SCORE member and has a strong commitment as a volunteer within the community.  She has held leadership roles in The International Listening Association, The American Society for Training and Development  (ATD), and The Association of Professional Communication Consultants.  

Dr. Janet T. Cherry can be reached at:  Manners Always Matter  405 S. Perkins Rd.Suite 450  Memphis, TN 38117  JanetCherry@MannersAlwaysMatter.com

janetcherrytrainer@gmail.com​  www.MannersAlwaysMatter.com

Judith A. Burda


Judith A. Burda is a graphics design specialist with a BS Degree in Business Education and Mathematics.  Her varied background includes layout and design of marketing pieces, photography, printing, manuscript editing, and website design.  She has over 25 years in post-high school teaching, in the office environment as a division accountant for a multi-million dollar company food service company, marketing coordinator for a major cosmetic company, and as a  small business owner. 

She and Dr. Cherry have worked together on a number of projects before collaborating on Manners on the Move. Judy excels in drawing the mind’s eye to the message through her spot-on graphic interpretation of the written word. Her graphics shed lighthearted humor in serious observation of common, everyday fax paus of mannerisms considered as “polished presence” in our culture.  

Judy can be reached at: 

 twburda@bellsouth.net  www.MannersAllwaysMatter.com